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Transaltion and Localization

What we do

Sozo Consulting offers translation and localization services for Individuals, public sectors, multinational companies, firms, and online platforms. We specialize in localizing content from English into Amharic. Sozo Consulting takes multiple factors into consideration when translating, Such as memory, glossaries, style guides, and visual context to deliver high-quality translations. This enables us to effectively localize content by considering important factors such as tone and intended meaning.


In order to ensure that the local community fully understands the content, Sozo Consulting’s team of well-trained translators use methods to work together to understand what has been said and interpret it in a way that is appropriate for the local context. Some of the methods that translators use to localize content include:


  • Uploading or importing the source to the translation management system (TMS).
  • Translation through team discussions.
  • Review, which may be omitted in small-scale projects.
  • Delivery of the translated content to end users.


The translation process encompasses several essential stages. Initially, source material is integrated into a translation management system (TMS), facilitating collaborative access and work by the translation team. Subsequently, the actual translation is conducted through team discussions to guarantee precision and consistency. Following the completion of the translation, a review phase may be undertaken, with potential exclusion in smaller projects. Ultimately, the translated content is furnished to end users for their utilization. This meticulous procedure ensures the production of high-quality content tailored to the specific needs of the intended audience.

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Our meticulous localization process, guided by culture and context, ensures seamless content adaptation for diverse audiences. Partnered with Welocalize, we guarantee precision, timely delivery, and client satisfaction.

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The significance of localization in translation cannot be overstated, as it emphasizes the target culture over the original text. Hence, Sozo Consulting provides localization services that meticulously consider cultural disparities, linguistic barriers, preferences, and other regional elements. Factors such as culture, history, taste, customs, and tone hold paramount importance in the localization of content.


Sozo Consulting’s adept team of translators takes these factors into deep consideration when adapting content for local audiences. Effective communication within the team ensures that the content aligns seamlessly with the local context. This adaptation may encompass modifying the content’s tone, as well as adjusting aspects like media, currency, units of measurement, and other elements to enhance accessibility and appeal to local audiences.


Our Collaborative Endeavor with Welocalize


Sozo Consulting enjoys a nurturing partnership with Welocalize, a globally recognized translation and localization firm specializing in helping brands expand their international reach through multilingual content and data transformation.


Tasks are seamlessly dispatched through Welocalize’s active platform to our team, each accompanied by specific deadlines, both individual and project-wide. With a weekly translation volume of approximately 47,000 words, our team ensures the timely completion of tasks. Ongoing communication takes place on a daily basis between project managers from Welocalize and Sozo Consulting, safeguarding on-time delivery (OTD) and the fulfillment of client requirements. Any priority or expedite requests are swiftly relayed via email by project managers and accorded the appropriate attention and action.

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