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At Sozo Consulting, we are equipped with the necessary expertise and capabilities to provide a comprehensive range of services to support students pursuing their educational endeavors abroad.


Our multi-faceted approach is geared towards guiding students through every stage of the study abroad process, encompassing various crucial aspects to ensure a seamless and successful transition to international education.

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Empowering Students with Expertise, Compliance, and Excellence in International Education Services. Trust our seasoned team to navigate the complexities, ensuring a smooth transition to your global educational pursuit.

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Reviewing Applications


We have a team of academic advisors with extensive knowledge of diverse educational systems and admission requirements worldwide. Their expertise in evaluating academic credentials, including international transcripts and qualifications, ensures that applications are meticulously reviewed and meet the specific requirements for different countries’ study permits.​


Overseeing Document Submission


Our staff is well-versed in compiling and organizing academic records, financial documents, and identity papers, ensuring compliance with document authentication and notarization requirements. We maintain consistent communication with students and institutions to facilitate timely submission and a smooth document submission process.


Liaising with Institutions


Effective communication and relationship-building skills are integral to our team, enabling us to establish strong connections with international institutions. We are adept at providing accurate and insightful information to students regarding programs, campus culture, and location-specific details, ensuring they are well-informed throughout the application process.


Facilitating the Visa Process


Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of immigration law and visa regulations, guiding students through the intricacies of the visa application procedures for different countries. We stay abreast of the latest immigration regulations and ensure that students are well-prepared for potential interview processes, financial requirements, and health insurance prerequisites.


Aiding in the Commencement of Students’ International Educational Journey


We coordinate seamlessly with various stakeholders, including travel agencies, accommodations, and pre-arrival orientation services, to support students in commencing their international educational journey. Our commitment to providing essential information on students’ rights and responsibilities, cultural adaptation guidance, and resources in the destination country ensures a smooth transition.




We understand the importance of compliance with immigration laws and regulations and have obtained the necessary licenses and accreditations. This demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest standards in providing visa services while ensuring the secure handling of students’ personal information in alignment with data protection and privacy laws.


At Sozo Consulting, our team’s diverse expertise in international education, visa regulations, immigration law, and diplomatic communication allows us to deliver unparalleled support to students aiming to study abroad. Our unwavering dedication to compliance, privacy, and service excellence ensures that students receive the highest standard of support throughout their educational journey.

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