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About Sozo Consulting

Sozo Consulting was established with the goal of helping local and international individuals create thriving businesses in Ethiopia. With our corporate headquarters in Addis Ababa, we are well positioned to provide business intelligence and technical support services for companies looking to invest in Africa.


At Sozo Consulting, our corporate goal is to help foster development and entrepreneurship in the country by; providing support for foreign investors, empowering local export companies, enhancing business processes, and fostering collaboration between foreign businesses and various stakeholders in the local market.

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Empowering Business Ventures: From Ethiopia to Global Success

Tailored Business Expansion

Partner for tailored strategies, seizing opportunities aligned with your unique goals in comprehensive business development.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Explore our diverse translation services for seamless communication across global platforms, serving individuals, companies, and public sectors.

Profitbilaty in Forestry

Shape Ethiopia’s forestry future, promoting entrepreneurship with Swedish expertise for profitable and beneficial forest management.

Aligned with our commitment, we foster development, offer specialized support, and drive growth in vital sectors, meeting local and global needs.

Our Services
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Our Services

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Sustainable Business Growth

Business Development

Our dedicated business development services aim to uncover and capitalize on new growth opportunities. We engage closely with you, leveraging our expertise to tailor strategies that precisely align with your distinct objectives and requirements. This collaborative approach ensures a proactive, customized roadmap to achieving your goals.

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Education Services

We provides comprehensive guide and support to students pursuing to study abroad through every stage of the process. Our services include reviewing applications, overseeing document submission, liaising with institutions, facilitating the visa process, and aiding in the commencement of students international educational journey.

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Translation and Localization

We offer translation and localization services for Individuals, public sectors, multinational companies, firms, and online platforms.

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Facilitating health initiatives, ensuring top-notch quality. Sozo Consulting: Enabling excellence in Ethiopian healthcare services.

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Growing the Future: Pioneering Innovation in Forestry’s Intersection with Sustainable Practices and Technological Advancements.

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Elevate Your Business Potential with Sozo Consulting's Expertise

Discover Tailored Solutions for Growth, Education Services, Localization, Healthcare Excellence, and Forestry Innovation. Partner with Us for Sustainable Business Growth and Strategic Solutions.

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